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The "Magic Angel" areas of expertise

Web Design Areas of Expertise

The "Magic Angel" areas of expertise<

Websites should be rich with content.

Web design is more than just pretty pictures.
Web sites should have a function that fits the need of their customers. When a visitor views a website they should leave with good feeling about that business and enough knowledge to make a decision to use that business.

e-Commerce & Online Stores

We develop eCommerce web sites based on your specific needs, your product and the needs of your customers. A well designed shopping cart system will be the difference between success and failure for most eCommerce stores.
  • Create detailed product descriptions
  • Custom cart or a cart-in-a-box solution as needed
  • Help you support many payment methods
  • eCommerce specialists who are PCI Compliant
  • Produce stunning photographs of your products
  • Build Online Advertising Campaigns

Data Driven Design

More complex websites use data driven design to produce stunning websites that use the customer's data. Sites like ebay (customer products), Monster.com (resumes) and the REALTOR IDX all are based on displaying larges amount of data. These are the most complex sites that can be built.
  • Integrate your data, data entry functions and search into one easy to use site
  • Optimized for speed of display and easy of searches
  • Custom programming with PHP and MySQL
  • Sites combine years of interface experience with the most advanced
    functionality, such as jQuery and mobile enabled elements and HTML5

Search Engine Optimization

  • AdWords campaigns
  • Better Google Rankings through keywords and meta data.
  • Google Places & Facebook
  • Multiple search engine entries
  • Squeeze pages
  • Responsive sites that resize to any browser

Payment Credit Card Integration

  • Online payment website design
  • eCommerce website design
  • Invoicing and invoice tracking systems
  • Automated monthly payments with receipts
  • Subscription systems

Here are some examples of custom sites that meet and exceed the customers needs:

Complexity of Online Training?

Areas of Expertise

Problem: Offering on-line and live classes can be problematic due to the requirements to offer a large amount of content and massive scheduling issues. There are canned softwares out that will do much of it, but not all of it and to all of it together.

Solution: Create an integrated system that allows on-line and off line classes, including scheduling, billing, tracking, certificates of completion, reporting requirement documentation and income monitoring.

Large Data Mirroring

Areas of Expertise

Problem: CMD Trailers wants to mirror their truck listing data located on Truck Papers on their own website, quickly and without a lot of admin overhead. The problem was, the data was located in a complex spreadsheet.

Solution : Using PHP, we automated a transfer of the data which was in a zip file to their own website. The data is unzipped and overladed on the existing data, photos are updated and specific user data is maintained between uploads to allow custom features.

Back-end Replacement

Areas of Expertise

Problem: SEDA had a back end on their web site that allowed them to edit homes available and many other features, but changes in the database structure for updates to the web site as well as a host change and change of developers left them without the ability to edit their database.

Solution : Taking the existing database, we were able to build a clean, completely new back end The new back end had additional features that allowed them to do more with their existing web site

Customized Shopping Experience

Areas of Expertise

Problem: Janice and Mike Newton wanted to offer their customers, both local and nationwide, with a shopping experience that allowed them to create highly customized orders. Traditional shopping carts have many advantages, but highly customized experiences are difficult.

Solution: A shopping cart was created that allowed customers to create the order with the options that they needed being careful to offer items, such as local delivery, to customer that were in the proper delivery areas. The system also takes payments via Authorize.net through a custom solution.

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