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The "Magic Angel" Simplifies The Complex

Responsive Websites — eCommerce Web Design — Results Not Rankings

We design a website unique to your business and integrate your marketing plan and ideas to highlight your business strengths and maximize your marketing impact.

Your website should answer the following questions in 4 inches (the top of the browswer) and 7 seconds (how long a viewer will try to decide):
Where am I? - Do I want to do business with these people? - Why should I buy from you?


The Good design is the cornerstone of a successful website.

We create great designs. There is more to a great website than just pretty pictures and a nice theme. Your website needs to play into your marketing strengths and grab the customers attention. Then it needs to tell them to act on that desire with strong calls to action.


We take web coding a little too seriously. Just ask any of our referral partners!

We like to joke about it, but we take things very seriously. We create elegant code, crafted to optimize functionality and download speed. When your website is solidly coded, you get all of the benefits that the search engines have to offer.


The web is a pretty big place. Let's attract some attention.

Without visitors your website will be a lonely place. We can explain what is possible, what are the best practices and what you should avoid when it comes to promoting your website. It all starts with your strong marketing plan and ends with great success on-line.

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Areas of Expertise

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Wordpress Websites

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What do our clients and community think?
I am an independent professional, and Marv (MagicAngel) host my website. But he does so much more! As you can see I think Marv is amazing. If you are a small business owner, there is no one I would recommend more than Marv. Not only does Marv keep my website humming along, but he always pulls through in an emergency no matter the day or time.
Marla Cummins, ADHD Coach and Productivity Consultant
It's not everyday that you find a peer in your industry willing to share their knowledge. Marv Conn's extensive knowledge of Linux security of has been an invaluable asset to Web Propulsion's growth in the web hosting industry.
Allen Kent, Web Designer & Host
MagicAngel.net has been hosting my retail website, as well as my Wordpress blog, for nearly 6 1/2 years, now. Having been through three hosts prior to finding MagicAngel.net, I recognize a good host when I find one! I'm so fortunate that MagicAngel.net was recommended to me by another web-expert business contact, who was impressed with Marv's knowledge and skills.
Alisa Saville Lybb, Entrepreneur
The most important aspect of hosting with Magic angel is the level of service. Magic Angel offers quick response time with a personalized level of service that can not be matched. Their help and support have been indispensable to the deployment of our pages.
Chris Cline, IMG
When it comes to having a professional and knowledgeable web host and designer, I don't think it possible to get any better than Marv! He is highly recommended!
Randy Martin, REALTOR®
I need to thank you tremendously. Ever since we implemented the new website, I am getting TONS of email requests to quote/shop insurance. Like I truly can't believe it. I have received no less than 5 emails per week in the past month. This is incredible. I truly appreciate your help.
Dennis Mizrahi, Mizrahi and Garris Insurance Agency

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