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Wordpress allows site owners to
maintain their own websites.

Wordpress Development

Wordpress is a popular way for site owners to maintain their own websites.

Wordpress Website Development

Wordpress is a popular way for site owners to maintain their own websites. One of the many strengths of Wordpress are plug-ins. We develop Wordpress Plug-ins for our customers.

Why Wordpress?

There are some downsides to Wordpress development, but there are many advantages. They are faster to deploy and easier to clients to make changes. They allow a large number of plug-ins, which can speed the development process and allow custom functionality.

The downside of Wordpress is that it requires constant attention to keep Wordpress and its plug-ins up-to-date. It isn't as safe from hackers as other platforms and it can be exploited if it isn't updated regularly. While an HTML or PHP website may be OK sitting for a few months without attention, Wordpress should be checked at least weekly for issues.

Plug-in Development

We develop Wordpress plug-ins for our customers. Wordpress plug-ins have many uses, from displaying custom data to allowing specific elements to be easily deployed. We can develop plug-ins for most features that a client is interested in.

Plug-ins allow for customized features to be included in a Wordpress site without the site owner having to customize the programming to fit their template. It also allows for more complex data management, such as customer form functions or data display.

For Plug-in support, please contact us.

See our plug-in custom search: florachemprecisioncleaners.com Click on Product Finder

Wordpress eCommerce

Wordpress eCommerce via Woo-commerce is a simple alternative to a full eCommerce website though a platform, such as Big Commerce. There are many advantages, such as ease of deployment and easy editing.

These advantages make it easy to pick the wrong web developer to setup your Woo-commerce site! Remember that ease of deployment is nice, but having an experienced eCommerce developer will make the process of creating your eCommerce website much smoother as you can avoid many of the mistakes that others have made in the past and that inexperienced developers will not notice.

North Florida MLS IDX Provider

We provide North Florida MLS IDX feed files for REALTOR®. We can create custom searchs for your website so that you can offer the MLS in custom formats, such as featured listings that update themselves.

We have been providing IDX for 8 years and have the expertise to create your custom IDX pages.

If you've wanted custom IDX, but thought it was too expensive, you need to rethink your opinion.

IDX Wordpress Plug-in With
Short Codes

Use sort codes to add MLS to your existing or new Wordpress site. It is as simple as adding a page and a short code.

[magicmlslegal legalsubd="NOCATEE"] - Shows all properties in Nocatee
[magicmls_featured] - Shows 3 featured listings setup in your Wordpress Admin
[magicmlsoffice] - Shows your office codes listings on the page
[magicmls] - Creates an MLS search page

Authorize.net Payment Plugin

We offer a plugin for Authorize.net that allows users to create a payment page on their site that takes an invoice number and a payment amount. This is a two page form that allows payments to be taken with just a couple of minutes setup.

Security and PCI complaince can be achieved using an SSL certificate and this plugin, which uses DPM (Direct Post Method) to pass data to Authorize.net in a compliant manor.

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