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We are E-Commerce & Online Store Experts

We are eCommerce Experts

We are E-Commerce & Online Store Experts

What makes us eCommerce experts and why is that important?

Any web designer can create your on-line store for you. That is the easy part. Once you've deployed your on-line store, it is too late to determine if selling your product on-line was a good idea to start with.

We are eCommerce experts

We have deployed many successful shopping carts and know where things go wrong and how to avoid those problems before they are a problem. Most importantly we know the first step to setting up your eCommerce store is to listen to your needs. This is the key element that is missing in most eCommerce deployments. Many weeks and thousands of dollars later customers find their designer never really understood their vision and just did what they knew how to do. We listen and we will understand your vision before you waste time and money on something that will never work for you.

We are web security experts

We are web security experts. We can help you make sure your website is PCI complaint and if you have HIPAA questions, we are happy to help explain what the website requirements are. We know where your responsibilities start and end and can explain who is responsible for your website security. Our hosting allows your site to be PCI complaint and we can help you fill out your PCI SAO help mitigate your scan issues.

Important First Steps in eCommerce

The critical first step in an eCommerce design is to sit down with the designer and come up with a plan that meets all of your eCommerce needs and works within your budget.

An eCommerce expert will step you though the process of creating your eCommerce website:

  • Determine the viability of on-line sales
  • Determine pricing structure
  • Review shipping and packaging options
  • Merchant processing setup
  • Create products, descriptions and photos
  • Make SEO part of your plan, not an afterthought

Shopify Deployment

A successful shopping cart deployment is built from the ground up with an expert web developer that has developed shopping carts and understand the difficult works of eCommerce.

Shopify Advantages

  • Secure, no updates to forget to apply
  • Speedy page load times
  • Easy to maintain and edit products
  • Built-in analytics
  • Easy to set up payments (included with Shopify)
  • Store front templates

Custom Shopping Cart Solutions

If needed, we can develop a custom cart that is customized for your specific products. This is something that most designers simply can't do. This gives us the flexibility to offer you the eCommerce product that you need, from Buy Now buttons at PayPal to Big Commerce and all of the way to a custom check out system that is built from the ground up for your product!

Many customers settle for out-of-the-box software that doesn't do what they need or with the expectation that commercial software can be modified to do what they need it to do. This is an expensive misstep.

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