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How Can We Help Your Design Firm?

Information for other web professionals

Information For Design Firms and Graphic Artists

Our "Magic Angel" can help your design firm or independent graphic artist by providing technical services for your firm. About 40% of our work is done for other design firms who call for our assistance in programming, customized hosting and other specialty areas where we can help with more complex projects that may be outside of your normal scope.

We can help you by enhancing your capabilities, without adding risk to projects by bringing on consultants who you may find on-line. We can provide plenty of references of companies we are currently working with so you can feel confident using our services.


  • PHP programming
  • mySQL Databases
  • LAMP Environment
  • Website Login Setup
  • Membership Sites


  • Template Design
  • Customized Plug-ins
  • Wordpress eCommerce
  • Wordpress Security
  • Wordpress Optimization

Payment Processing

  • PCI Compliance
  • Authorize.net Integration
  • Web Payment Security
  • Complex Payment Options
  • Subscriptions
  • Pay Member Sites


  • PCI Compliance
  • Product Photography
  • eCommerce Shipping Practices
  • Platform Choice Assistance
  • Effective Product Descriptions
  • eCommerce Specific SEO
  • Payment Processing Setup

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