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Marketing Mistakes


Some times we make marketing mistakes without even realizing it.  Let these examples of mistakes I've seen be a guide to getting your marketing under control.

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You need a blog


So, you hear this all of the time.  You need a blog for your website.  Many people hear this and setup a blog.  Of course, what they don’t hear is that you need a blog, it must have posts in it and it needs to be content rich with keywords for your Search Engine Optimization.

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Moving a website


I moved a site this week and the move went very well, but we found an issue that didn’t show up in testing.  To make a long story sort, we got a database dump from the old host and applied it to the new database on the new hosting.  Some of the images didn’t work once we were finished. 

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True CND or Cloudflare?


An opportunity came up this week where a client of a company that I consult with was working with a designer.  The designer made some rather harsh comments about how Cloudflare was not a true CND and was “Useless”. 

I do agree the Cloudflare is not a true CDN, or Content Delivery Network, but it is hardly useless.  I took a look at the client’s usage and it would be easy to move them to a full CDN, the cost for Cloudflare was free, the cost for a full CDN would be about $300 a month. 

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