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Cloudlinux Sucks I'm Leaving


I've had clients leave because "Cloudlinux sucks so bad" that they just couldn't deal with it.  I have to admit, this was partially my fault because I didn't put enough effort into teaching the web designer for the site how websites work, how programming works and how servers work. 

We are seeing in influx of new web designers who are designing high-end websites who have zero experience.  In recent months, two large ecommerce sites that I host have been redesigned by designers who "really haven't done anything like this before".   Both sites looked great.  The simple fact is that it does not take a good designer to design a great site any longer. 

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Technical Competence


The internet is now a part of our lives.  Every person over the age of 15 and under the retirement age should have a basic competence in using the internet if they are employed.  I'm truly disturbed that I meet people who are unaware of the name of the browser that they use or that do not have the ability to go to a website and download/install a program.

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