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Affiliate Markeing to Your Customers


Affiliate marketing is when you offer a service to your customers or business contact where you get a cut of the sale.  Some areas where this is done is in web hosting, credit card processing, Send Out Cards, and many marketing programs.

Offering your customers affiliate marketing can add a new revenue stream from your existing customers, adding to total revenue per customer.  A business guy would say that increasing total revenue per customer is a great thing to do.  It is cheaper than adding new customers and offers the advantage that you are helping customers get services that they need.

The downside is that anyone who knows what affiliate marketing is can see your marketing efforts as very much in their face efforts to extort more money from them.

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View your site and different screen sizes


Responsive websites are where it is at right now. 

The difficulty with determining if your site is responsive and if it actually looks good in different screen sizes is that you can't simply resize your browser and get all of the possible resolutions.   Changing the width of the browser does allow you to preview what it will look like at different sizes, but what exactly is the size of a Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1?  Know what the actual size is, makes it possible to preview your website at the exact size for different devices. 

Here is a link http://quirktools.com/screenfly.

Give it a shot and see what your web site looks like.

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