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An interesting article sent to me: Paypal kicked in the SaaS

Here is my reaction to it:

This is a typical problem in web design.  They identify a problem, then implement a fix that doesn't fix it.   Adding SSL to the mix does nothing to fix the problem that PayPal enabled sites are facing today.   Since there is no identifiable data transferred anyway, adding SSL doesn't do anything except make the transaction SEEM more secure. 

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Copyright and Web Design


I sent a proposal out to a customer a few days ago and she read the contract and didn't like the fact that I retained ownership of all original content, artwork and programming for websites I develop.   She decided that since I wouldn't change my contact, she would do business with someone else.

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What is in an email provider?


Someone asked me about email and email providers and the answer is not simple.  This is for everyone so they can all be enlightened about email.

There are basically five different tiers of business email providers, starting from the worst to the best:

  1. Your ISP or other free email (that isn't gmail)
  2. Your large scale web host  ( Bluehost, HostGator...)
  3. Gmail for business
  4. You small scale web host (like me)
  5. Hosted Exchange Provider (Securance)

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Designing your own website?


As a professional web designer, I can tell you that designing your own website is not the best idea and not for the reasons you might think.  There are plenty of development platforms that will allow a novice web designer to design and great website, that is not the problem.    The problem is that when you as a non-web designer design your own website, it is done in a vacuum and it is difficult not to second-guess yourself in your design choices.

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