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Marketing Mistakes

Author: Marv Conn


The main marketing mistake that I see is a simple one.  “My website is my marketing plan.”  In other words, my website will do all of the marketing I will ever need.  If I build it they will come.  I can say without a doubt that your website is not your marketing plan and if you expect it to do all of the work just sitting there, your business will fail.

Second marketing mistake I’ve seen, just this month, was a client called me and told me that they were closing their business.  They had a bad two years and it was time to shutter the business.   The sad part is the business was amazing.  I loved their work.  When they first opened I used them, spending thousands of dollars. I referred them all of the time.  They were amazing.  I didn’t even know they were in trouble.  It’s clear now, their marketing wasn’t working.   There was a lot we could have done before the business went on life support.  Why didn’t they reach out and let me know they needed help?  They had all of the resources right in front of them, all they needed to do was ask!    Your marketing people are physic.  If you don’t involve them, they will not be able to help you.

Another marketing mistake I ran into was a very simple one.  I had a company that was trying to expand their business.  They were working on marketing, newsletters, Facebook and a nice website.  The only problem was that they had no USP (Unique Selling Proposition).  In other word, they couldn’t tell me, in clear concise terms, why someone should choose their business over their competitors.   They were just another company that give good customer service.  They admitted that they had issues with Facebook and Newsletters because they really didn’t know what to say when they did posts or sent out newsletters.  We developed a USP for the company and then they could post and email confidently being able to tell potential customers why they were better than the competition. 

The last marketing mistake is a business that I deal with a lot.  They are very busy, have lots of customers and are profitable.  They don’t have a website.  They’ve been planning to get a website for a year… but just can’t find the time.  The mistake here is that a company that is busy and gets plenty of business needs to market because it is possible that they could simple get a better selection of customers if they had more exposure.  A client came to me and needed a website because everyone told him he needed one.  He didn’t think it was important, but felt pressured to get one.  We built him a website.  A year later he called me and told me that is business has been transformed.  He was dealing exclusively with one type of client, but the website brought in a completely different clientele.  The new customers were much more profitable, paid faster and were easier to deal with.  He had no idea these customers even existed.  The website changed everything for his business.  Maybe it’s a mistake to not have one.

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