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You need a blog

Author: Marv Conn

So, you hear this all of the time.  You need a blog for your website.  Many people hear this and setup a blog.  Of course, what they don’t hear is that you need a blog, it must have posts in it and it needs to be content rich with keywords for your Search Engine Optimization.

A client of mine added a blog.  Remember, blogs should be on your domain.  Not on a third-party domain.  The objective of a blog is to bring visitors to your site, not to have a blog checkmark on your list of things you need. The new blog was on a third-party domain.  Which in theory isn’t great, but it would be ok of it brought visitors to the website.  I reviewed the blog, plenty of post, none of them interesting or anything that someone would be interested in reading.  Just basically notifications of sales the business has done.  Nothing that would bring visitors to the blog at all. 

The other problem was that the blog was not sending visitors to the website, which is its primary function.  If it doesn’t do that, then what is it for?  Each post needs to have a call-to-action that leads to the website, so we can sell the client to the visitor.  The blog didn’t even mention the website at all. 

So, it was not interesting, had no call to action, didn’t direct customers to the website, didn’t make the client look like an expert at anything… basically it was a check mark.  It checked the box, “I have a blog”. 

Don’t fall for this kind of snow job.  You need a blog, you need it to preform specific functions to make your website better.  It has to do one of those things above.

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