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Moving a website

Author: Marv Conn

So, we started looking for issues.  This is difficult because we don’t know if it is a programming issue, a security issue or simply something to do with the transfer method.  After some investigation, we found that the old host, a major hosting provider, was not dumping (saving) the data from the database correctly!  Basically, the site could not be restored from the backup.

This is a huge issue and why having a competent technical person doing your site moves, rather than having ‘some’ at the office or a ‘guy I know’ take care of it.

This problem was only discovered because the person moving the site saw the data in the dump text file and knew it wasn’t in the correct format.

Two things to get from this:

  1. Have an expert move your site.It may cost more, but it guarantees a good result with no or very little downtime.
  2. Make sure your backups are backing up what you need, in a format that you can use.

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