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Cloudlinux Sucks I'm Leaving

Author: Marv Conn

I've had clients leave because "Cloudlinux sucks so bad" that they just couldn't deal with it.  I have to admit, this was partially my fault because I didn't put enough effort into teaching the web designer for the site how websites work, how programming works and how servers work. 

We are seeing in influx of new web designers who are designing high-end websites who have zero experience.  In recent months, two large ecommerce sites that I host have been redesigned by designers who "really haven't done anything like this before".   Both sites looked great.  The simple fact is that it does not take a good designer to design a great site any longer. 

Let me say that brand new designer who design sites do have one drawback.  Most of these new designers end up disappearing after a few months leaving their clients without a designer and with no way to access their sites.  This is very common.  I get people calling me asking for 'help' because they are in that position all of the time!

So, why does Cloudlinux suck?

One of the great features of Cloudlinux is that it monitors website processes to find possible issues and flaws.  Two of these are EP (Entry Processes) and I/O (Disk Input/Output).  A well designed sites do not have problems with these.  I've designed hundreds of sites and never once had one having either of these issues.   However, a recent client did have problems with both. I explained to the designer that they were not properly using caching and that they need to reduce the page size of the pages they are designing, since page loads were pulling a large amount of information from the disk.  Cloudlinux doesn't count disk cache against the I/O limit.

This site had just 3 or 4 visitors and was hitting both EP and I/O limits.   This causes the site to display "Excessive resource usage" messages.   After several rounds of modifications the new designer, not being a technical person, determined that it was my hosting that was the issue and without them or the client telling me, they moved their website to another host.

Suddenly, on the new host, the site worked perfectly, definitive proof that my hosting was the problem!   Sadly, the new host didn't have Cloudlinux...

The truth is that the new host simply allows more processor and I/O usage, hiding the problem.  Had they fixed the problem, they would have been very happy with my hosting, but since they did not, the client is now is a very, very bad position.  The problem still exists, but is not apparent.  It will not become apparent until the site gets busy for one reason or another.  Perhaps a special event or a mention in the news will increase the traffic.  When that happens the client will be very happy that they have an influx of visitors.  The host, on the other hand will see EP used up and I/O hitting a wall on the server, a quick check will show which site it is that is causing the issue and they will be terminated at the height of their success, they will be doomed.  The poor designer will say things like "Why did you terminate me? My site has been running perfect for months, then suddenly, I'm terminated for no reason?"

Truth is hosts see these types of responses all of the time.  Poor functioning sites hanging on by a fingernail get suspended after just a small spike in traffic. 

Cloudlinux is the perfect solution.  Web hosts can help clients monitor their sites and make sure they are working well.  Then should they get a spike in traffic, a well running site is not likely to blow up.   However, web designers who are not technical people and who have never had any experience will continue to produce these dogs of a site and blame everyone else for their lack of ability.  If they do not listen what they are told, they are dooming their clients to a huge disappointment.  Of course, this does not always happen, sometimes sites never get busy or get noticed by anyone.  Then the web designer is in the clear, they have just failed to produce a site that gets visitors... on second thought, it's a loss for the client either way!

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